Optimize Your service delivery with Kanban

An organization’s highest priority is consistently delivering value to its customers. We at Agilemania will help you deliver that value using three Kanban Service Delivery principles- Focus on the Customer, Manage the Work, and Evolve Policies to improve your customer and business outcomes.


Benefits of Kanban Service Delivery

Improvement requires changes. And Kanban will help implement changes faster by focusing on flow and transparency.

How We Can Help You

Our experts at Agilemania will help you improve your Kanban Practices, get Kanban certified, understand Kanban principles and practices, optimize workflow, and enhance your team efficiency.

Kanban Consulting

Delivering customer value incrementally is a challenge for most organizations. And Agilemania can be a solution to this problem.

Our expert coaches and consultants (with 25+ years of experience) will help you improve your customers’ value flow by focusing on customers, managing the work, and evolving policies.

We will help you put customers at the heart of your business and manage your work by reducing roadblocks and delays. We will also ensure your work policies empower your team to evolve and improve.


Kanban Consulting Programs

Our consultants at Agilemania combine the methods of Kanban, Agile, and Lean to help your organization succeed in the fast-paced market. With our Kanban Consulting Programs, your organization will reduce time-to-market, increase employee engagement, and improve transparency.

All of our consultants and coaches are proficient with Kanban and Agile techniques. They have in-depth knowledge and 25+ years of professional experience working within various organizations and their teams. They will work with you to design the service delivery using Kanban and optimize project delivery with Kanban.

Our consulting offers include the following:

  • Improve project delivery using Kanban
  • Implement Kanban within the Scrum team to improve transparency
  • Design service delivery using Kanban

Kanban Training Programs

At Agilemania, we provide top-notch Kanban Training programs designed to help individuals and teams excel. Whether you want to learn the basics of Kanban, upgrade your career, or improve the current Kanban practice at your organization, our trainers will offer you the guidance and support needed for success.

Our trainers and coaches have mastered Agile and Kanban techniques through years of hands-on experience. They’ve successfully trained over 10k professionals across 10+ countries around the globe. With their expertise, you can obtain globally recognized certification and practical knowledge in Kanban Service Delivery.

Our consulting offers include the following:

  • Team Kanban Practitioners
  • Professional Scrum with Kanban
  • Kanban Management Professional

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