Satyajit Gantayat

Partner Consultant - Agile Coach & SPC

Satyajit has broad and deep experience in Agile coaching at the strategic senior executive level while also coaching and uplifting the capability of teams and individuals. An Agile Coach and SAFe® Practice Consultant with more than 24 years of experience.

Satyajit Gantayat

An Agile Coach and a consultant with 24+ years of experience, who works with individuals and organizations to collaboratively explore the best approach, empower the teams, enable the roles, and transform the practices based on known agile and scaling frameworks. He trains, consults, and coaches organizations to inculcate the mindset of being agile and continue the path of agility.

Area of Expertise:

  • Agile Coach and SAFe PracticeConsultant
  • Expert in SAFe Implementation and Digital Transformation
  • Mentoring Agile Coaches, and enabling Agile Governance
  • Highly skilled in Delivery Program Management across a multitude of Business Areas
  • Helping clients achieve Enterprise Agility and improving business processes

With a proven track record of coaching and uplifting the capabilities of teams and individuals, Satyajit has worked at strategic senior executive levels, understanding the challenges that leadership faces in achieving Business Agility. He is an expert in helping clients achieve Enterprise Agility through SAFe adoption, training, and coaching, as well as process improvisation, mentoring Agile Coaches, and enabling Agile governance.

His wealth of experience spans various leadership positions, making him well-equipped to navigate the complexities of Agile coaching at both strategic and operational levels. His deep expertise and broad knowledge make him a trusted advisor in guiding organizations through their Agile transformation journey, driving meaningful and sustainable change.

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