Agile Portfolio Management V2.0


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Course Description

Agile portfolio management allows organizations to respond quickly to unanticipated project, product, program, or investment feedback, and to make abrupt course corrections whenever necessary.

In this one-day workshop you will learn how to get improved outcomes through transparency at scale, increased strategic alignment, agile contracts/funding, Lean Governance and Agile Operations. The learners will be ready to use some of the tools in their portfolios.

Interactive sessions led by industry experts
Hands-on activities for real-world application
Practical tools and techniques
Networking opportunities with peers


Course Objectives

  • Understand Portfolio Management
  • Contrast Traditional and Agile Portfolio Management
  • Learn the key components of Agile Portfolio Management
  • Quantification of benefits from Agile Portfolio Management
  • Learn successful Agile Portfolio Management Practices

Who Should Attend?

The Agile Portfolio Management workshop is beneficial to anyone involved in product and solution development in IT and Non-IT domains. It is particularly beneficial for:

  • Portfolio Managers, Leaders and Managers
  • Change Agents, Architects and Domain Experts
  • Operations and Support Team, Product Development Team.

Course Topics

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28 - 28 Jul, 2024

11:30 AM - 6:30 PM (HKT)

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25 - 25 Aug, 2024

11:30 AM - 6:30 PM (HKT)

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What You'll Learn:
1. Align projects with strategic objectives
2. Streamline processes for efficiency
3. Mitigate risks and ensure project success
4. Prioritize customer satisfaction
5. Foster a culture of continuous improvement

Certification Assessments

This credential is granted by Agilemania on the successful completion of two workshops namely Value Stream Mapping, which teaches the steps to analyse and optimize the entire process of Product Development and Agile Portfolio Management, which teaches aligning Strategy and Execution, Governing and measuring the Lean Portfolio and Continuous Delivery. The credential holders should be able to start their journey of designing Agile Portfolios.

Corporate Training

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Why should you consider a Agile Portfolio Management one-day workshop?

An Agile Portfolio Management workshop can be immensely valuable for several reasons:

  1. Adaptability: In today's dynamic business environment, adaptability is key. Agile Portfolio Management equips participants with the tools and mindset to quickly respond to changes, ensuring that projects align with evolving strategic objectives.
  2. Efficiency: By implementing Agile principles at the portfolio level, organizations can streamline processes, reduce waste, and maximize the efficient allocation of resources. This leads to improved productivity and faster time-to-market for products and services.
  3. Risk Management: Agile methodologies emphasize iterative development and frequent feedback loops, which helps to identify and mitigate risks early in the project lifecycle. Through effective portfolio management, organizations can better assess and manage risks across their entire project portfolio.
  4. Customer Focus: Agile Portfolio Management prioritizes customer needs and feedback, ensuring that projects deliver value that aligns with customer expectations. By focusing on delivering high-quality products and services that meet customer needs, organizations can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  5. Continuous Improvement: Agile encourages a culture of continuous improvement, where teams reflect on their processes and performance and make adjustments accordingly. A workshop on Agile Portfolio Management provides participants with the knowledge and skills to foster this culture within their organization, driving ongoing innovation and growth.

Overall, a one-day workshop on Agile Portfolio Management can provide participants with the foundational knowledge and practical tools needed to effectively manage project portfolios in today's fast-paced and complex business environment.

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