Coaching Agile Transformations (ICP-CAT) Certification


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Course Description

The Coaching Agile Transformations (ICP-CAT) is the second of two knowledge-based certifications on the Enterprise Agile Coaching Track. This certification focuses on Agile Transformations, explores the core elements of an agile transformation, and links the core enterprise coaching competencies in a way that empowers coaches to act as agents of change in organizations.
Field of Enterprise Coaching.
Core elements of an Agile Transformation.
Personal and Professional Mastery.
Creating a case for change.

Course Objectives

  • Core elements of an Agile transformation
  • Field of enterprise coaching
  • Personal and professional mastery
  • Creating a case for change
  • Meeting organizing tools
  • Organizational systems entry
  • Organization assessments
  • Communicating at the organizational level
  • Educating at the organizational level
  • Facilitating at the organization Level
  • Large group facilitation methods
  • Co-creation of strategy
  • Organizational change process

Who Should Attend?

Coaching Agile Transformations (ICP-CAT) Certification Training program suits the leadership team, senior management, change agents, agile coaches, and scrum masters. And also,

  • Team coaches
  • Multi-team coaches
  • Enterprise Agile coaches
  • Leadership teams
  • Senior managers
  • Anyone who is managing a team in an organization moving toward agility

Course Topics

In our Coaching Agile Transformations course, you'll learn skills to transform entire organizations, not just individual teams. You'll explore how to coach at the enterprise level, develop leadership maturity, and understand organizational culture. We'll cover leadership styles, culture models like Edgar Schein’s, and culture assessment tools, all to help you guide organizations toward greater agility in alignment with their vision and goals amidst complexity and change.

In this course, you'll learn the importance of making a strong business case for change, ensuring that business leaders are involved, and articulating goals in business terms. We'll explore the human change process, helping you understand and adapt to change effectively. You’ll also learn about organizational change models, fostering a continuous Agile mindset, conducting organizational assessments, developing change strategies, addressing impediments, and communicating change across the organization.

In our Enterprise Agile Coaching course, you'll learn the importance of creating a coaching contract with stakeholders, focusing on agreements rather than legalities. You'll develop professional coaching skills to support leaders through Agile transitions and understand how to become a trusted advisor building strategic partnerships. The course also covers engaging leaders in discussions about culture and implementing effective communication strategies across organizations to facilitate Agile transformations.

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Agilemania offers a 2-day ICP-CAT training to build Agile Coach knowledge, leading to your ICP-CAT certification. Download the brochure and check the different focus areas that are covered within these two days of training.

Certification Assessments

  • This training is certified by International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile), a certification and accreditation body.
  • Upon completing the course and submission and approval of your course assignment, you will receive (knowledge) certification in ICP- Coaching Agile Transitions (ICP-CAT).


Enterprise Agile Coaching is about transforming an entire organisation into Agile. You will need at least 3-years of experience as a Scrum Team member to attend this training. Demonstration of a journey of learning through education, mentorship and collaborative learning in coaching and related activities over a minimum of 3 years.

Once you are an Enterprise Agile Coach, your career will take a drastic turn in an extensively desirable way. Apart from being a mentor to other teams and companies, you’re expected to create and motivate high-performing teams by imparting Agile methodologies via open communication and collaboration of the team.

Achieving true Enterprise Agility requires a fine balance of the right processes and the right mindset that will elicit the appropriate reactions to those processes by the entire team. The ICP-CAT course and credentials will demonstrate that you have the skills needed to mentor individuals, teams and organizations through the challenges they face when transitioning to the agile mindset.

We do not cover the fundamentals of coaching in this course. To get the most out of this training it is recommended that:

  • The participant should have at least 3 years of experience as a team coach.
  • The participant should already own any of the professional coaching credentials.
  • The participant should have attended an ICAgile Certified Professional – Agile Coaching course (ICP – ACC).

Successful completion of this course results in the ICAgile Certified Professional –Agile Enterprise Coach (ICP-CAT) designation from the internationally recognized ICAgile certification body.

You will receive 21 SEU and 21 PDU on the successful completion of this workshop.

As a response to the COVID-19, we have moved our classes online. Our Live Virtual format delivers the same benefits as our face-to-face training, expert instruction, hands-on labs and exercises, peer-to-peer collaboration, and high-quality instructional material.

Cancellation requests received within 24 hours of registration would be offered a full refund (minus payment gateway charges), please reach out to our support team through drop a refund request toconnect@agilemania.com. Visit our page for more details about Cancellation & Refund Policy.

The process of enrolling for this classroom training is simple. The payment can be made through different options by using a debit/credit card which includes MasterCard, Visa Card, American Express or PayPal. Acknowledgement will be issued automatically via email to the candidates once payment is done.

Just write to us at connect@agilemania.com, and we will answer any queries you have.
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Coaching Agile Transformations (ICP-CAT) Certification

Enterprise Agile Transformation Coach will be equipped to coach and guide organizations through large-scale agile transformations across the enterprise. Their core responsibility will be to facilitate and enable the adoption of agile principles and practices throughout the organization. So, are you ready to become a catalyst for agile transformation within your organization? Join our immersive Enterprise Agile Coach ICP-CAT training program and unlock the keys to driving sustainable agile change at an enterprise level.

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