Agile Coaching Program

Are you an experienced Agile coach looking to expand your skills and drive organizational transformations? Our comprehensive Agile Coaching Program equips you with the advanced knowledge and tools to navigate complex enterprise environments.


Program Overview

Agile Coaching by Agilemania offers a custom program tailored to your organization. This comprehensive coaching program is a combination of formal certification training, self-study, projects, group mentoring, individual mentoring, and hands-on coaching. Our Agile Coaching Program is led by highly experienced Agile transformation consultants and coaches.

In this program, we have four stages of Agile coaching that you can explore based on your individual needs. These coaching services are available for both individuals and organizations. We often facilitate the Coach-the-Coach Agile coaching program for change agents within organizations. While our coaching is mainly focused on organizational agility, we also offer professional coaching programs.

Coaching Stages

We categorized our Coaching Program into Four Stages

Novice (Modularized Coaching)

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced professional, our Modularized Coaching program is designed for individuals seeking targeted skills development in specific areas of Agile practices. The best part? Accessing this tailored learning experience costs no more than a cup of coffee!

Our Offerings

  • Agile Requirements Management
  • Agile QA/Testing Workshop
  • Behavior Driven Development (BDD) Workshop
  • Product Backlog Management
  • DevOps Foundations
  • Estimation and Planning in SAFe®
  • Scrum with JIRA Workshop
  • Prioritization and Release Planning

Competence (Coaching Certification)

Currently, we offer SIX coaching certification programs, and each program has two popular knowledge-based certification training from ICAgile. It will get delivered over the 4-5 weekends. Every Saturday and Sunday for 4 hours.

Our Offerings

Mastery (Supervised Coaching)

We have a list of uniquely designed long-term coaching programs for individuals and organizations. It is a combination of certification training, projects, group mentoring, individual mentoring, and coaching. The length of the program is 16-17 weeks.

Our Offerings

Professional (Leadership Coaching)

Agilemania coaches offer ICF (International Coaching Federation) coaching training for individuals and organizations towards the ICF learning path. Our professional coaching training aligned pathway programs are for dynamic, experiential learners who seek to be transformational coaches.

Our Offerings

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